Dead Or Alive 6 Evo Japan

Ahead of its release next month, Dead or Alive 6 showed its face at Evo Japan as part of a promotional slot. The whole thing (or thereabouts) was streamed live on Twitch, with a sizeable audience watching on as things got a little steamy.

For those out of the loop, Evo Japan is basically the Japanese version of Evo -- the world's largest annual fighting game gathering. As you'd expect, it welcomes professional fighting game talent from all over the world, as players compete in some seriously stacked tournaments.

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It was all going smoothly until the Dead or Alive 6 portion of the stream was cut short following content that was deemed inappropriate. First off, while highlighting the game's free camera mode, the action was deliberately paused as on-screen characters found themselves in sexually suggestive poses. This was something that you could do in Dead or Alive 5 as well, but it's not something that you'd expect to see on an official livestream.

What happened next was more risque. Two of the event's on-stage presenters, both of them female and quite scantily dressed, started showing their, er, buttocks to the audience as the camera zoomed in for a closer look. After that, they started bouncing up and down for reasons that should be obvious. Again, it was a weird thing to see broadcast on Twitch. Okay, maybe not that weird depending on what kind of camera-based streams you watch, but you know what we mean.

After the Dead or Alive 6 stream was pulled, Evo organiser Joey Cuellar -- more commonly known as Mr. Wizard -- apologised on Twitter for what had happened, but the tweet has since been deleted. He said that the stream had been temporarily removed to "protect the integrity of our brand".

All of this makes for a good story though, doesn't it? Let us know your innocent thoughts in the comments section below.