Kingdom Hearts 3 How to Unlock the Secret Ending Guide 1

Alongside the standard ending for Kingdom Hearts 3, a secret ending can also be unlocked by taking pictures of a certain amount of Lucky Emblems throughout every world. How many do you need to unlock that secret ending? Here's how many.

How to Unlock the Secret Ending in Kingdom Hearts 3

To kick things off, you're going to need to download Kingdom Hearts 3's latest patch. The secret movie is included in update 1.03. Now, how to unlock the secret ending is determined by which difficulty you're playing on. The harder it is, the less Lucky Emblems you'll need to take a snap of. The criteria is as follows:

  • Beginner - 90 Lucky Emblems
  • Standard - 60 Lucky Emblems
  • Proud - 30 Lucky Emblems

You can check how many Lucky Emblems you've currently collected via the Gummiphone in the pause menu, which will split the number up by worlds. You'll know if you've taken a picture of a Lucky Emblem because it will appear in the stats screen with a tick next to it, and in-game, the cursor highlighting the Lucky Emblem will turn yellow when it's in focus and ready to be registered.

Once you've reached the criteria for your chosen difficulty, head to the Theatre in the main menu and a new cutscene will greet you. Now it's time to check what the future holds for Kingdom Hearts.