What Can You Play Before Fully Downloading ANTHEM

Thanks to the PS4's neat trick whereby you can start playing a game before it has fully finished downloading and installing, you can get a taste of what's to come in ANTHEM early. But what can you sample before you've got the entire game stored on your hard drive? We're on hand to tell you.

What Can You Play Before Fully Downloading ANTHEM?

Once you trigger the download of ANTHEM from the PlayStation Store, you'll need to download 13GB of data before doing anything.

Once you get the notification that the application is ready to be played, launch the game from the PS4 home screen. You'll be greeted by the title's prologue mission that sets up the world of ANTHEM, as well as giving you a taste of its action, abilities, and Javelins. You'll also be able to select the gender of your character part-way through, male or female are the options on offer. Roughly 30 minutes in length, it's a great taster for what's to come.

Once the level is complete, the game will attempt to take you back to Fort Tarsis - the game's main hub area. This will happen if you managed to download the remaining data in the time you were playing the mission, but if not, you'll be taken to a static screen where you'll be able to check on your download progress.

Once all 38GB of the game has downloaded and installed, re-launch the client and you'll be able to continue your journey.