Game of the Month January 2019

It's the first Game of the Month for 2019, and boy has it been a tough one. January wasn't packed with new games, but a few heavy hitters did the business, making it a big month for PS4 players. It's safe to say that the year has started well.

Ace Combat 7 Game of the Month

Bronze Trophy: Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Ace Combat is back with a bang. Skies Unknown looks and feels great, combining arcade gameplay with some fantastic flair. Senior staff writer Stephen Tailby called it a "top entry" in the franchise, praising its "dramatic and slick" aerial action. "Whether you’re a diehard fan or coming to this game fresh, Skies Unknown is a joy, and a series highlight," Stephen concluded, awarding the roaring release an 8/10.

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Tales Of Vesperia Game of The Month

Silver Trophy: Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

The return of a much loved Japanese RPG that many Western fans never got to experience, the enhanced remaster of Tales of Vesperia reminded us of just how great Bandai Namco's long running series can be. We gave it a rock solid 8/10, dubbing it "one of, if not the best Tales game". We finished our review off with further praise: "Vesperia is a borderline classic Japanese RPG, and one that still holds up in 2019 thanks to a great cast of characters and some finely poised action."

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Kingdom Hearts III Game of the Month

Gold Trophy: Kingdom Hearts III

Wow, Kingdom Hearts III actually launched last month. Can you believe it? We're honestly still struggling. It's been a long time coming, but it was worth the wait according to reviewer Liam Croft. "The fact that Kingdom Hearts III even managed to release could be considered a miracle in of itself, but what’s perhaps even more surprising is that the finished product defies all expectations," he wrote. A big fat 9/10 for Sora and the gang.

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Resident Evil 2 PS4 Game of the Month

Platinum Trophy: Resident Evil 2

A remake of a PSone classic that's already being called a top-to-bottom masterpiece by many, Resident Evil 2 is one of the series' crowning achievements, and our Game of the Month for January 2019.

Liam was on the scene again for this one, calling it "one of the most accomplished remakes of the generation". He closed the 8/10 review by writing: "Capcom has lovingly recreated every historic location and moment you remember from 1998, and you owe it to yourself to witness that spectacle first-hand."

Capcom's on one heck of a roll right now.

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What was your PS4 Game of the Month for January 2019?

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