You had our attention at “film noir psychological horror” but this new trailer for SOEDESCO’s forthcoming fright-fest Dollhouse has fully reeled us in now. In development at Toronto-based team Creazn Studios, the single player story sees you assume the role of ex-detective Marie, who’s suffering with amnesia. All that she remembers is the death of her daughter, and thus she must navigate the titular hellhole, sifting “through the ashes of reality to recover the charred remains of her memories and find out what happened to Emily”.

In addition to the campaign, there’ll be a multiplayer mode with 14 playable characters, each with unique abilities. The competitive option sounds a little bit like the old Assassin’s Creed multiplayer, where you’ll be assigned a target to assassinate at the beginning of each round. We like the art style and theme, so let’s hope the final product delivers when it screams onto the PlayStation 4 later this year.