Every now and again, a game will come along and just tear up the rulebook. Appearing on PlayStation's YouTube channel recently was this launch trailer for a game named Shanky: The Vegan's Nightmare, and it's pretty incredible.

You play as the titular Shanky, "a joyful meat grinder" who devours the local wildlife and uses the mince to propel himself. The happy little kitchen utensil is also after cans of Meat-Cola, which sounds like the worst carbonated drink in history.

"Participate in a stunning story of love and self-sacrificing," reads the PlayStation Store description. "Depending on the level, Shanky would change its movement force accessories to legs, wheels, wings and boat." Indeed, we see in the trailer that Shanky will go from his default legs -- which are made of 8-balls? -- to wheels, to a boat, and even a hang glider in order to get about. What can't this little guy do?

The game is out now on PS4 for just over a fiver. Will you be joining Shanky on his all-consuming journey? Go vegan in the comments below.

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