Granblue Fantasy Relink Platinum Games

You may have laid eyes upon the rather good looking Granblue Fantasy: Relink once or twice over the last year or so. The PS4 action RPG has seemed immensely promising each time that we've seen any gameplay, but the project may not be going quite as smoothly as that oh-so-silky combat may suggest.

Cygames, the mega studio behind the Granblue franchise, has announced that it'll be handling the development of Relink from this point on. In other words, Platinum Games -- the crazies behind the action in NieR: Automata, Metal Gear Rising, and Vanquish, to name a few -- is no longer working on the project.

"Cygames would like to assure everyone looking forward to the title that we remain committed to delivering a game that meets the expectation of our fan base and gamers everywhere," reads Cygames' statement on the matter. Meanwhile, Platinum Games has also acknowledged the change in its own post, and asks fans to continue supporting the title.

It's an interesting alteration, but not necessarily one that deserves a knee-jerk reaction. As we've said, Relink has looked great each time that we've seen it, and as far as we know, Platinum Games' contract has come to an end, so this could just be a case of the developer moving on and leaving the rest to Cygames.

What's more, this doesn't mean Cygames is starting things over from scratch. It's probably safe to assume that the project is quite far into development, and the studio is simply carrying on as planned. Nevertheless, we hope to see more of Granblue Fantasy: Relink in the coming months.