Kingdom Hearts III PS4 PlayStation 4

Man, the internet picks up on everything. If you make the tiniest of mistakes, you can be sure as heck you'll be called out on it -- especially when it concerns uber-popular media. It's Kingdom Hearts III that's been put under the microscope this time, as it seems one particular frame of one particular cutscene bears an unsightly watermark. Here it is:

Kingdom Hearts III Arnold Watermark PS4 PlayStation 4
Image: Reddit

During Elsa's iconic number in the Frozen section of the game, the name "Arnold" flashes across her arms for just one frame. It's almost impossible to notice in the game, but it's there for all to see in the above screenshot. Apparently, the watermark will appear if you're using animation suite Maya without an Arnold rendering licence while trying to batch render. Obviously there's been some sort of hiccup during production, but quite why it's in the finished game is a mystery.

It's a bit sloppy, but ultimately it's not exactly a big deal. If it was displayed across the screen for the whole scene, or even for a few seconds, it'd be a problem. But one measly frame? Time to let it go.

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