For a while, Bigben Interactive's official World Rally Championship games have released annually, with Kylotonn Entertainment on development duties. However, the studio has taken an extra year to work on the latest entry in the series, WRC 8. The game was announced yesterday, and you can watch the reveal trailer above.

In a press release, it's made clear that the developer has taken full advantage of the extra time "to improve all aspects of the game: better graphics, more technical routes, smoother pace notes and a more comprehensive career mode." It being an official game, you'll of course be able to choose your driver from the 2019 season, as well as from WRC 2 and Junior WRC. It sounds like the career mode will involve upgrading and maintaining your vehicles, and developing your team as you compete in events. A new addition is dynamic weather, forcing you to think about choosing the right tyres, communicating with the weather team, and so on.

WRC 8 is due in September 2019 on PS4. It ought to be a good year for rally fans, with this later in the year and DiRT Rally 2.0 just around the corner. Are you excited for WRC 8? Put your foot down in the comments below.