Sekiro Activision

Alongside EA, Activision is the other big publisher that often has its name dragged through the mud on gaming websites and forums across the internet. As such, there's been a slight air of doubt surrounding Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice since it was revealed. Another bloody action title from FromSoftware, just why is Activision publishing this thing? Is it going to be stuffed with microtransactions? What's the catch? These are the questions that people have been asking for months now.

As time has gone on, the reasoning has seemed less and less nefarious, and FromSoftware's manager of marketing and communications Yasuhiro Kitao backs that up while talking to Game Informer. "Activision actually showed the most keen interest in the project proposal," Kitao says. It simply sounds like Activision wanted to add something "different" to its portfolio, and likewise, the developer was looking to expand its relations, and approach its next project in a new way.

"[Activision] offered to help us with areas that we don’t consider our expertise, such as user testing, offering feedback in regards to usability, things like this," Kitao explains. Indeed, Sekiro is looking to be a little more approachable than the studio's recent works, namely the Dark Souls series.

Apparently, FromSoftware sends Activision slices of Sekiro every week, so that it can be tested by new players who provide valuable feedback. However, Kitao reiterates that the Japanese developer still has the final say on things: "[Activision has] given us all creative control of the project".

Interesting stuff, and it'll be even more interesting to see how Sekiro is handled when it launches in March.