PlayStation Classic

Mobile contracts have bolted on extra goodies for years now, enticing customers with some modern tech to go with their flashy new smartphone. If you're after one of Apple's latest devices, the iPhone XR, there's a UK deal that might be of interest. Plumping for this particular offer will net you a PlayStation Classic for free.

Sony's miniature console hasn't exactly been blazing a trail since its launch back in early December, with a fair amount of negative word of mouth due to its selection of software and some questionable emulation. We actually quite liked the PS Classic, but there's no doubt that it's been a bit of a commercial letdown, and now it's a token freebie with a new mobile phone. If you're shopping around for a new phone, you could certainly do worse than this. For all the bad press, there's still plenty of retro fun to be had with the PlayStation Classic -- and fifty quid isn't a bad saving, either.

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