SoulCalibur VI DLC characters

Those cheeky code diggers have been picking their way through the latest patch for SoulCalibur VI, and fans reckon that they've found references to upcoming DLC characters. Several lines of code seem to refer to character codenames, and there are six of them in total.

Reportedly, we've got Stone, Yell, Star, Snow, Reptile, and Yellow. Naturally, there's already a lot of speculation over which characters these codenames apply to. "Stone" perhaps points to Rock, the bulky barbarian from previous games. Meanwhile, "Reptile" immediately makes you think of Lizardman -- another fighter who's missing from this latest instalment outside of custom-made and non-playable story characters.

Only two DLC characters has been added to SoulCalibur VI so far: Tira and 2B. The former was a pre-order bonus, while the latter was released as part of the season pass. Who else would you like to see make the cut? Feel free to take bets on who these codenames belong to in the comments section below.