Battle royale games are growing in numbers by the day, it seems. PS4 players have several options to choose from if they fancy some last-man-standing multiplayer, and today, another title has launched on the system. Realm Royale is a free-to-play battle royale shooter, and it's launched on PS4 with an open beta.

The key difference to be found in this game is its fantasy trappings. You'll choose a class and will be able to loot or craft new weapons and magic abilities as you battle for survival. Replacing vehicles are steeds, which players can use to bound across the map. The more you play with a selected class, the more talents you'll earn for it, giving you opportunities to customise how you play.

The game was previously in a closed beta on PS4, but it's now been opened up to everybody. Also launching today is the second battle pass for the game, and all PS Plus members get it for free.

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