It's sort of strange to think that Power Rangers is still a thing, but here we are in 2019 with a new fighting game coming to PS4. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is due this spring, and developer nWay has just released a short new trailer showing off a snippet of gameplay footage. It's looking a little stiff with all those hit pauses, but otherwise seems fairly competent.

Elsewhere, the PlayStation Blog has gone into a little more detail on what to expect from the game. Battle for the Grid will play out similarly to Marvel vs. Capcom, letting you select a team of three fighters to take into each bout. The focus is online play, and the developer plans to support the game long term with more characters and other updates. There will be an original story to play through, as well as casual and ranked online matches.

What do you think of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid? Get ready for morphin' time in the comments below.

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