PS4 owners in Europe have had the chance to enjoy the cutesy co-op PlayLink title, Melbits World, since the middle of November, but the little critters are finally making their way to North America. From 5th February 2019, those in the US can give this Lemmings-esque puzzle game a try.

Using your smartphone, you'll manipulate parts of each level in order to help the Melbits. Up to four players must work together to guide the creatures to the goal, but you'll also need to avoid enemies, breed new Melbits, and find collectables throughout each stage, forcing you to cooperate to achieve each objective. You can learn more by reading our review of the European release.

Check out the launch trailer above to get an idea of what it offers. What do you think of Melbits World? Do you enjoy PlayLink titles with friends and family? Tap your touchscreen in the comments below.