Seagate PS4 External Hard Drive 1
Image: PlayStation

Sony’s teaming up with Seagate to bring a new officially licensed PlayStation 4 external hard drive to store shelves – or you can just pick up the unbranded version for a few bucks less. The new 2TB game drive – which has apparently been “rigorously tested and optimised” for the PS4 – plugs directly into the console via USB, and will allow you to store up to 50 new games.

There’s a big PlayStation Blog post explaining why this is the bee's knees, but it’s basically just an external HDD with the PlayStation logo in the corner. Even more amusingly, this licensed model is set to retail for $89.99 in the United States, but you can already purchase the “non-official” version for less from Amazon:

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All snark aside, this is a nice looking HDD that’s plug-and-play and doesn’t require an external power source. Maybe consider going with the non-branded version unless you really, really need that PlayStation logo, though.