We've been seeing and hearing a fair amount about Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice recently thanks to Game Informer's coverage, and it looks to be shaping up nicely. Perhaps the most obvious place to start when talking about the differences between this game and FromSoftware's older titles is the combat, which we know will feature some unique aspects.

It's explained well enough in the above video, which shows off some new footage of Sekiro in action. Where in Dark Souls you'd be blocking incoming blows and then attacking, the dynamic this time will revolve around deflecting attacks effectively. Doing so will weaken your enemy's posture, and once their meter is full, you'll be able to deliver a fatal strike. You'll still be able to attack normally, of course, but the focus for Sekiro was the clashing of blades in the Sengoku Japan setting.

Give the video a watch, and then parry each other's thoughts in the comments below.

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