Kingdom Hearts III PS4 PlayStation 4

The wait is almost over. Fans have been clamouring for Kingdom Hearts III for years, and it's now just a week away from launch on PS4. For a title of this size, some may still opt for a physical version of the game, but there will be many eager players who've put in a digital pre-order on the PlayStation Store. If you're in the latter camp, good news: it looks like the pre-load function is now available for digital pre-orders.

This essentially means that those who've put their names down for a digital PS4 copy can begin downloading the game now to ensure they have the game ready and installed ahead of the official launch. Usually the pre-load functionality starts automatically, but in case it doesn't, you can trigger it manually by going to the game's pre-order page. The size of the download is roughly 37GB, so it's worth downloading in advance to ensure you're prepared for the big day.

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