Subnautica: Below Zero PS4 PlayStation 4

If you're a fan of the cult hit underwater survival game Subnautica, you may have seen that developer Unknown Worlds has recently put its expansion, Below Zero, into early access on PC. Below Zero seems to be quite a hefty adventure, with its own story and an all new map filled with frigid waters and freaky new fish to discover. Obviously it's already technically available via Steam, but will the expansion be coming to PS4 in the future?

The answer seems to be a yes. The Twitter support account for the PS4 version of the game states Below Zero will be coming to PlayStation "as soon as possible."

Because it's currently going through early access, we wouldn't expect the PS4 release any time soon, but it's nice to have confirmation that Below Zero will be coming to consoles when it's ready. Are you keen for more Subnautica on PS4? Take the plunge into the comments below.