Resident Evil 2 PS4 PlayStation 4 Guide 1

Resident Evil 2’s demo can only be played for 30 minutes. Once your time has elapsed, it’s Game Over until launch day. While we do recommend just using your time to soak up the atmosphere and familiarise yourself with the controls and structure, you may be hoping to maximise your spell with the remade sequel. As such, we have some tips and tricks that will hopefully help you to enhance your half-hour with Leon S. Kennedy and co.

Don’t Search the Lobby at the Start

If you really want to make some headway in Resident Evil 2, then as soon as the demo begins, don’t bother looking around the lobby. Directly in front of you, on the reception desk, is some ammo and a computer. Pick up the ammo, interact with the computer, and then pull the lever on the wall to your right. You’ll trigger a cut-scene where Leon will enter a claustrophobic (and pitch-black corridor). There are no threats at first so you can just run to the end if you want to. You’ll eventually happen upon a police officer who calls for help. Take his notebook and get back to the lobby.

Resident Evil 2 PS4 PlayStation 4 Guide 2

You Can Run

You’re going to encounter some zombies in this demo, but you don’t necessarily need to kill them. Obviously aim for the head if you’re hoping to conserve ammunition and want to do the most damage, but you can get by just running past a lot of them. L3 will make you sprint, and you quick turn by pushing the circle button and down on the analogue stick. Use these techniques to move swiftly and evade any enemies. Obviously the longer you spend stopping and popping, the less of the demo you’re going to be able to complete.

Solve Puzzles Quickly

It may be worth having the solutions to any potential puzzles open before you begin playing the RE2 demo, because while they’re not exactly challenging, they can eat into your time if you get stuck. For example, you can find out how to solve the lion statue puzzle in the Resident Evil 2 demo through the link.

Don’t Watch the Cut-Scenes

Crazy, right? Well, it is a bit, but we understand that people who want to maximise their game time (and perhaps even save the story for the full release) may want to skip the cut-scenes. They can be skipped, of course, so if you don’t want to eat into your 30 minutes watching characters communicate, just hit the Options button and then Square to get past them.

Resident Evil 2 PS4 PlayStation 4 Guide 3

Explore the RPD’s Courtyard

Okay, this isn’t going to help you to beat the demo any quicker, but if you want to see arguably the most eye-catching visual spectacle of the sampler, then head outside into the Raccoon Police Department’s rainy outdoors. You can have a little potter around if you like, although unfortunately the area with Brad Vickers appears to be locked off.