Fallout 76 dev room

Fallout 76 has been the butt of just about every joke imaginable since it launched in November last year, and we just can't help but laugh. It's been one comically inept blunder after another, and now players have found a way to gain access to an in-game room that houses both unreleased items and an actual human NPC who isn't dead. Incredible.

These kinds of in-game rooms are pretty common, as developers often use them to put various assets to the test. The fact that one's been found in Bethesda's online RPG is no surprise, but it's still funny to think that despite everything, there is indeed a human NPC in Fallout 76 -- he's just chilling where you can't normally see him.

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Reportedly, plans for every item in the entire game be found inside the room, along with -- get this -- loads of unreleased stuff that's supposedly going to be added through future updates. You couldn't make this up.

We won't go into all the details here, so if you want more in-depth info, be sure to check out Eurogamer's article on the matter. Honestly, we're still chuckling to ourselves.

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