bungie activision split devs cheer

Bungie's broken up with Activision, if you haven't already heard. Coming to the conclusion that it was in the best interest of both parties not to continue their agreed contract over Destiny -- which saw Activision publish the property -- it's Bungie who now owns the sci-fi shooter. In other words, when it comes to Destiny, Activision is out of the picture.

It's obviously too early to tell exactly what kind of impact this will have on Destiny, and indeed, on Bungie itself. The studio is surely now one of the biggest independent developers out there, but going by numerous reports and whispers over the last few years, this is a position that Bungie is happy to find itself in.

Reportedly, the relationship between Bungie and Activision has been strained for some time, and this is backed up by Kotaku's story on the situation. The site writes: "Bungie told employees during a team meeting this afternoon, framing it as fantastic news for a studio that has long grown sick of dealing with its publisher."

And then it gets even more suggestive: "Employees cheered and popped champagne, according to one person who was there."

If that really is the case, then clearly Bungie's doing exactly what it's wanted to do for a while, and shed Activision's support along with its expectations and the expectations of its shareholders.

Here's hoping that this ends up being a positive move for the developer in the long run.

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