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Recently, industry icon Hideo Kojima has been in Europe visiting other game studios. Earlier in the month, he could be found in Helsinki, dropping in on Remedy Entertainment, the developer behind the Max Payne series as well as the upcoming Control. Of course, a visit from Kojima wouldn't be complete without something Death Stranding related, and it seems the studio was able to see the game in action.

Sam Lake, creative director at Remedy, seems to have been left pretty impressed by what was shown. "Death Stranding dares to push the boundaries," he said in a glowing tweet about the visit:

This follows Kojima visiting Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam, where Death Stranding was also shown off. It left several key members of the team "speechless" after a live demonstration from Kojima himself. Between this and Remedy's comments on the game, it's sounding pretty exciting -- not that we're surprised.

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