YIIK: A Postmodern RPG is one of those games that’s been kicking around in convention corners for years now, but it finally has a release date: 19th January. The title will release first on the PlayStation 4, but there is still a PS Vita edition planned for later in 2019, which is pretty cool, no?

The game, developed by ACKK Studios, centres upon the disappearance of a woman, who mysteriously vanishes from an elevator. “Alex’s search for the woman and the truth behind her disappearance lead him and his companions towards the new millennium, on a journey rife with mystery and danger,” the blurb explains.

The creator’s promising over 30 hours of gameplay here, with an eclectic soundtrack and an eye-catching art style. It’s also fully-voiced, which is… Impressive for a title built on an indie budget. You can check out the latest trailer embedded above.