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The shockwaves of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are still being felt in the UK charts, as some discounted titles are still disturbing the new releases. FIFA 19, for example, takes the top spot for a second week, followed up by Red Dead Redemption 2. It swaps last week's positions with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and Battlefield V is holding firm in fourth.

Spyro: Reignited Trilogy has flown up from ninth to sixth, while Marvel's Spider-Man is swinging pretty low into 16th place. However, perhaps the worst case this week is Darksiders III, a new release that debuts at number 32. Of course, there's no accounting for digital sales, but according to GamesIndustry, its sales fall well below the previous two games in the series. It'd be interesting to know whether its performance on digital stores makes up for that, but it's pretty damning nonetheless.

Anyway, here's the latest top 10.

UK Sales Charts: Week Ending 1st December, 2018

  1. FIFA 19
  2. Red Dead Redemption 2
  3. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
  4. Battlefield V
  5. Forza Horizon 4
  6. Spyro: Reignited Trilogy
  7. Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!
  8. Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  9. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  10. Fortnite: Deep Freeze Bundle

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