Marvel's Spider-Man Raimi Suit Update PS4 PlayStation 4

Well, we weren't expecting this. After an ongoing barrage of requests from avid Spidey fans, it seems Insomniac Games has come through at last. The costume from the original Spider-Man movies, or the Raimi suit as it's known, has finally been added to Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4 with the latest patch.

After downloading patch 1.13, which is about 4GB, you'll be able to swing around in the fan favourite suit. This comes as some surprise, as it was only last week that Insomniac appeared to imply the suit wouldn't be coming to the game at all, despite many fans asking for it. We suppose this comes as a very nice Christmas present to all those who have been hankering for the outfit in the beloved web-slinging PS4 exclusive.

Will you be taking this new suit for a test run in Marvel's Spider-Man? Are you glad to see it finally included in the game? Swing by the comments below.