Sony’s carefully guided a new Lemmings game onto smartphones, and it wants to lead you towards the microtransactions once you’ve installed it. This is stuffed with standard mobile game crap, with countdown timers and £99.99 consumables – but if you get past the free-to-play hooks, it’s actually likeable stuff. Developed by a studio called Sick Puppy, the title plays out in portrait mode, so it’s great for when you’re on the loo.

There are thousands of levels, and even different types of Lemmings that you’ll encounter as you progress. It’s interesting to see Sony licensing out its brands like this and bringing them to mobile; it’s something that we’ve already seen the organisation do under the ForwardWorks name in Japan, and there have been a handful of examples in the West as well. We can’t help but feel that it needs a more concentrated effort if it really wants to win big on the various app stores, though.