Push Square Game of the Year 2018 Sony 1

We know we say this every year, but 2018 really is our biggest Christmas schedule ever. Like, frankly it’s flabbergasting how much content we’ve prepared for the next 10 or so days – there’s everything from holiday editions of Indie Bin through to Soapboxes, Polls, and much more. We’re really proud to be ending the year on such a high, reflecting the incredible year Push Square has had on the whole.

Of course, we’ve also got our Game of the Year countdown, which will begin in a few hours with the first of our Personal Picks articles. As with previous years, we’ve got our whole team together and asked them to tell us about their five favourite PlayStation titles from the past 12 months, and while there’s a recurring theme this year, there are also some surprise selections.

But how did we pick this year’s overall Game of the Year? Well, it was a challenging process. We started out with a shortlist of 82 games, which we then cut back to 50 of the very best. We got each staff member to vote for their favourite five, and assigned points based on their position. There was one tie in the top ten, and we gave the advantage to the title with the higher-placed votes.

We didn’t stop with an overall Top Ten this year, though, as we’ve also run standalone categories for Best Story, Best PSVR Game, and Best Indie Game – you can look forward to those, as penned by our very own Liam Croft, shortly after Xmas. We know that you’re going to be spending the next week and a bit with family and friends, and we wouldn’t have it any other way, but we do hope you’ll check back regularly to see all of the awesome content we’ve got lined up.