Team Sonic Racing exists, and it really is coming -- just not for another five months, that's all. After a hefty delay to May 2019, it feels like a lifetime until we get to sample Sonic's latest kart racer outing, and to help bridge the gap, SEGA has released another song from the game.

This one draws inspiration from Sand Hill in Sonic Adventure, and features the talented Tee Lopes, who composed the majority of the music for the brilliant Sonic Mania. It's a nicely souped up version of the original track, and it's easy to imagine driving around the Sand Road course with this blaring through the speakers.

It'll be interesting to see how Team Sonic Racing fares now that Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is in its rear view mirror. Which are you most excited for, or will you be playing both? Rev your engines in the comments below.