Red Dead Online update ps4

As promised, Rockstar has adjusted the economy in Red Dead Online. In the first of what the developer says is a series of alterations to the game, it's increased the amount of money and the rewards that players get from all activities. It's also balanced the general economy so that you can sell items for more and buy stuff for less.

According to Rockstar, these changes have been implemented based on feedback on the community, with a lot of people complaining that Red Dead Online was a bit too much of a grind.

What's more, players who have already bought weapons at their previous, higher prices will be automatically refunded, which is pretty nice. Rockstar says that these refunds can take up until the 10th December to go through, however, so don't expect to find a big pile of cash as soon as you log in tonight.

On top of all that, players who have played the beta previously will be gifted $250 in-game, and 15 gold bars -- gold bars being the title's microtransaction currency. If this applies to you, then you should get your dosh between midnight tonight and the 14th December.

Looking good? Are you still playing Red Dead Online? Watch out for bandits in the comments section below.