monster hunter world iceborne gameplay

Monster Hunter: World's "massive expansion", Iceborne, isn't going to land for some time yet, but it's already deep in development over at Capcom, and producer Ryozo Tsujimoto has sat down with the official PlayStation Blog to share a few details with regards to what players can expect.

As we already know, Iceborne will feature whole new locations, new monsters, and new equipment. It'll also come with its own story that takes place after the events of the main game. What really caught our eye, though, was Tsujimoto saying that the expansion will bring "lots of quality of life improvements to make the gameplay even more comfortable and enjoyable." We wonder what they could be?

If there's one criticism that gets levelled at Monster Hunter: World, and indeed, Monster Hunter as a whole, it's that its complexities can make it very difficult to penetrate if you're a brand new player. While the franchise has become more and more streamlined over time -- World being the most accessible of them all -- you can still find yourself wrestling with the game's control schemes and systems. The hope, then, is that Iceborne will add some welcome alterations in key areas.

Iceborne itself is due out in Autumn 2019, so we're sure that we'll be getting more information throughout next year.