Kingdom Hearts 3 III PS4 PlayStation 4 1

You may want to be careful out there Kingdom Hearts fans: copies of the long-awaited third instalment in the series have leaked – over a month prior to the sequel’s launch. Kingdom Hearts III videos are already being uploaded and shared around the web after an errant copy of the full-game found its way into one lucky player’s hands.

It seems that a handful of copies were briefly available via the Facebook Marketplace, but the listing has since been deleted. Of course, the Internet never forgets, and there are already videos of the opening hours of the title online. While we’re sure Square Enix will be diligent in removing any errant clips, the reality is that spoilers are about to become rife.

To be honest, it’s uncommon for a title to leak this early; we’ve seen street dates broken by a few days in the past, but rarely six full weeks. Our advice is to just be careful when using the Internet: you won’t find any spoilers here, but it only takes one errant retweet on social media for the whole plot to be blown. Disappointing.