The Capcom Pro Tour has concluded with the confirmation of a new Street Fighter V character: Evil Ryu. Except it’s not really Evil Ryu at all – it’s a dude called Kage (pronounced ‘car-gay’). Look, it’s basically Evil Ryu, but there’s a wider explanation for why it’s not which we’re not even going to bother getting into. It’s anime nonsense, basically.

The most important part is that he looks like a lot of fun to play, as the gameplay trailer above evidences. His V-Trigger I is a teleport move, while his V-Trigger II is a downward strike which helps you to keep the pressure on opponents. Meanwhile, his Critical Art is… Well, it’s pretty awesome – just watch the video.

The character’s out now, and represents the beginning of a new season of Street Fighter content, which Capcom is keeping underwraps for the time being. “We're doing things differently this year, so we're eager to share the details with you soon,” the publisher said. “Thank you for all the continued support. We can't wait to show off what's next in 2019!”