Mince pies are in the shops and people are questioning where the year has gone -- it's December, alright. A new month means a new selection of PS Plus games, and 2018's final roster of complimentary titles is available to download right now in Europe. As always, the North American PS Store will follow within the next few hours or so.

Sony's ending 2018 with a pretty strong lineup. Underwater horror game SOMA and the team-based arcade racer Onrush headline December's PS Plus offering, but the Vita games are well worth a look too. Iconoclasts - also playable on PS4 - is a retro-styled action game with an interesting story, and Papers, Please is a dystopian political title that has you manning the border, deciding who to let into the country. PS3 unfortunately is the worst off, with Steredenn and Steins;Gate available on the last gen system.

What will you be playing from this month's PS Plus collection? Drive safe in the comments below.