You may remember that Three Fields Entertainment announced Dangerous Driving earlier in the year, with very little to go on other than the vision to bring back a Burnout-esque brand of chaotic arcade racing. The indie developer, which includes some of the original creators of the beloved smash-em-up racing series, has released a handful of small games so far, including Dangerous Golf and Danger Zone 1 and 2, each game building towards its ultimate goal of bringing to life a spiritual successor to Burnout.

In the above video from IGN, we can get a glimpse at how it's getting on with a few minutes of in-progress gameplay. There's still clearly some work to be done - visually it's a little lacklustre, and the drifting is definitely off - but it shares a lot of Burnout's DNA already. The sense of speed, the takedowns, boost chaining, star-rated stunts -- it's pretty darn close. If Three Fields can nail the handling and polish up the presentation, this could be a highly entertaining throwback.

The game is due out in February 2019. What do you make of this early footage of Dangerous Driving? Trade some paint in the comments below.