It's nearly Christmas, in case you hadn't noticed, and any games worth their salt will be celebrating right along with us. Seasonal updates aren't uncommon these days, due to the ease with which games can be updated, and it seems Rockstar is feeling festive. In Red Dead Redemption 2's multiplayer side, Red Dead Online, you'll now be able to hear a wide range of traditional Christmas carols being played across the map.

It seems that all the saloon pianists have added various festive tunes to their repertoire, in keeping with the time period of Red Dead 2, of course. Lots of 19th century songs can be heard in the various watering holes in places like Valentine, Saint Denis, or Blackwater. The video above compiles them all together, if you're interested in hearing them. Classics such as Deck the Halls, Silent Night, Good King Wenceslas, Away in a Manger, and plenty more can be heard as you wander into your favourite tavern for a few swigs of whiskey.

What do you think of this Christmassy addition to Red Dead Online? Pop on your Santa hat in the comments below.

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