Catherine Classic PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Catherine: Full Body Edition will undress on the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in Japan early next year, but the Australian ratings board appears to have revealed a multiformat game from Atlus called Catherine Classic. Intriguing? Well it potentially is, as it suggests that the sexually charged puzzler may be making its way to modern platforms in its original guise.

For those of you who haven’t been following, Full Body Edition is a heavily updated version of the PlayStation 3 release – it’s got a new character, new scenarios, new plot beats, and much more. So while it’s curious that this listing has emerged, there’s a chance that the Persona maker may want to re-sell the original alongside its upcoming Directors Cut.

Look, we know as much as you do, and we’re just speculating based on the listing. The one thing we will say is that it’s extremely, extremely rare for a publisher to get a product classified if it’s not actually going to release. As such we can only assume that Catherine Classic is legitimate, and we’ll simply need to wait for confirmation on what it actually is.

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