The Quiet Man has made a bit of a name for itself since it launched last week, and not in a good way. As was the case with many other gaming publications, we tore it to shreds in our review, calling it the PlayStation 4's "most baffling game". Again, not in a good way.

In The Quiet Man, you play as a deaf main character, and for this reason you don't get to hear dialogue or sounds throughout the three or so hour campaign. It's a kind-of-interesting premise on paper, but it results in a story that makes very little sense. Playable lead Dane can lip read and understand other characters perfectly well, but as a player, you don't have a clue why anything is happening. In short, it's a poorly executed mess.

Reaching the end credits left you with a message stating that questions would be answered one week from the title's release, and here we are. The Quiet Man's 'Answered' update is available to download now, and it adds voices as well as sound effects to the game. Playing through the campaign again will supposedly reveal all of its truths to you, although we doubt that the update actually makes it fun to watch or play.

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