Ps4 Pro new model

It seems that Sony's started pushing a new PS4 Pro model, as pointed out by Digital Foundry. PS4 Pro CUH-7200 is the company's latest hardware revision, and it's apparently the quietest model yet. At this point in time, the tweaked console is exclusive to the Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle, and its existence has only been confirmed here in the UK.

Digital Foundry's put the new machine to the test, and the results are promising. We're not even going to try and explain the technical details, but the bottom line is that according to the publication, the CUH-7200 makes noticeably less noise than previous Pro iterations. In other words, Sony appears to have done a decent job in upgrading its hardware.

Do you have one of these new models, by chance? Suddenly feel the urge to upgrade in the comments section below.