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Red Dead Online released this week, providing Red Dead Redemption 2 fans with a reason to return to the Wild West. The mode, which is surprisingly story-heavy, sees you create a character and get to work in the critically acclaimed title’s enormous open world. You can form posses, complete missions, or compete against friends and strangers alike.

But what are your thoughts on the multiplayer offering – even in this early beta phase? Has your progress been kiboshed by bugs? Are you enjoying the online action, or do you find RDR2’s often unwieldy gameplay to be a poor fit for multiplayer? Fire off in the comments section below, and be sure to share your thoughts in our survey.

Have you played Red Dead Online yet? (165 votes)

  1. Yes, I loaded it as soon as it was available to me32%
  2. I have, but I was in no major rush to check it out12%
  3. Not yet, but I’m pretty eager to get started soon5%
  4. No, I’m still playing the single player campaign32%
  5. Are you crazy? I don’t even own RDR2 right now20%

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What are your thoughts on Red Dead Online? (165 votes)

  1. I’m hooked and already can’t stop playing it8%
  2. It seems decent but I’m not sure how much I’ll play28%
  3. I don’t really like it and won’t be playing again13%
  4. I haven’t tried it yet for reasons I’ve already outlined50%

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