We're very close to the release of Enhance Games' Tetris Effect, a stunning modern take on the classic puzzler that adds visual flair and chill-out tunes to create a unique experience. The game takes its name from a real life psychological phenomenon where people who play Tetris will sometimes visualise blocks falling when they shut their eyes, or imagine how objects would slot together. This new video delves into that subject..

Neuropsychologist Dr. Rex Jung contributes his thoughts on the matter, suggesting that the human brain is optimised to organise and see patterns, making Tetris a game that almost anyone can play instantly. Several skilled Japanese players talk about how they see Tetriminoes falling as they sleep, or even how neatly stacking things in real life produces a similar satisfaction to completing lines in the game.

Founder of the Tetris Company, Henk Rogers, also describes the feeling of getting into the zone. As with any activity in which you need to focus, Tetris can draw players in to the point where it begins to feel very natural and instinctive to play. If you have a spare ten minutes, give this video a watch, as it's pretty interesting.

Have you ever had the Tetris Effect? Organise your thoughts into neat lines in the comments below.

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