A series of side-scrolling strategy games named Kingdom has been a quiet success over in PC land, and normally when that happens, a console port is never too far away. The next game is Kingdom Two Crowns, and it's heading to PS4 on 11th December.

The Kingdom series sees you play as the ruler of a 2D landscape, and as you ride around, you'll need to acquire money and other resources to slowly build a thriving empire, with large structures, ample defences, and a strong army. That's the idea, anyway -- in practice it might not be so easy. Kingdom Two Crowns introduces a proper campaign mode, as well as the option to play in co-op with another player. The above trailer teases a whole new area for you to discover -- a medieval Japan setting simply called Shogun. It'll have its own resources, army units, and enemy types to tackle.

If you like strategy titles but are after something a little less involved, this could be worth a look. What do you think of Kingdom Two Crowns? Spend your money wisely in the comments below.

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