If you think the constant barrage of blockbuster games is getting too much, consider the indie side of things. Smaller scale games are released all the time, and this time of year, they're unlikely to get much of a look-in -- so it's nice to see Sony still promoting them via the PlayStation Blog. The latest is Desert Child, and as you can see from the above trailer, it doesn't take itself very seriously.

It's an RPG starring a hoverbike racer who'll take on any old job to get a bit of cash together. From competing in races to delivering pizza, he'll do anything it takes to achieve his ultimate goal: get to Mars to compete in the Grand Prix. The premise is intriguing at least, and it sounds like the races themselves will be timed to the hip-hop soundtrack, which is pretty neat.

That's about all we know. The trailer isn't all that helpful, but we're curious to learn more. It's due out on 11th December. What do you think of Desert Child? Race down to the comments below.

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