Cliff Bleszinski

LawBreakers really didn't do well. That much is obvious, but what isn't is that it took so much of a toll on developer Cliff Bleszinski that he was vowed to never make another video game ever again.

A Twitter user reached out to the man himself yesterday requesting a refund for his purchase of LawBreakers. This was of course an unfair demand, but CliffyB responded with this: reached out to the Boss Key co-founder, questioning whether his response should be taken seriously or not. Cliff simply responded with: "I'm done." That's not all there is to this story though, after a former developer that worked under Bleszinski stated his original response wasn't true, with the reality not being as rosy as he has made it out to be.

Whatever really happened, it's clear that Cliff Bleszinski at least tried to do right by his employees. Will you miss the presence of CliffyB in the video game industry? Let us know in the comments below.

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