For those of you still hooked on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and its trio of multiplayer flavours, Activision has a way for you to stay in the game. A free companion app has just been released for both iOS and Android, and it allows you to keep tabs on all sorts of bits and pieces from the main game.

Using the app, you'll be able to create and manage squads with other players, and completing objectives will net you in-game rewards. You can also manage your loadouts, and get a rundown on how your friends are doing in Black Ops 4. There's also a breakdown of your own performance that provides tips and gameplay analysis to help you improve. A news feed will keep you up to date on in-game events, patch notes, and more.

It seems pretty comprehensive, so if you're into your CoD, it's probably worth a download. Will you be making use of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 companion app? Don't get caught outside the circle in the comments below.

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