Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 The Heist 1

A great game will often leave you longing for more, and Marvel’s Spider-Man is a shining example of that. While it’s a relatively painless Platinum Trophy to acquire, we’ve been staggered by the number of players who’ve already seen the title through to 100 per cent completion – especially when you consider just how many copies it’s sold so far.

Time for an expansion pack, then? Good news: the first part of The City That Never Sleeps trilogy will release on 23rd October – and speaking with Polygon, lead writer Jon Paquette has promised fans to expect something both familiar and fresh. “We see how people are reacting to certain characters,” he said. “We see what people enjoy as part of the main game and then we ask ourselves, ‘How do we give them more of that?’”

With the first DLC pack coming less than two months after the main game, we’re sceptical of just how much feedback Insomniac Games has taken on board – but it’s guessed correctly anyway, because we definitely want to see more Black Cat, who will be the star of The Heist. “It’s not that her story was originally put aside,” he continued. “It’s just that the team is choosing to go back and flesh her out.”