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If there’s any criticism of Sony at the moment, it’s that the company is far too quiet. The manufacturer was very vocal at the beginning of the generation, but it has let its products do the talking in recent months. While it’s hard to complain about the quality of the PlayStation 4 – especially with both cross-play and name changes now resolved – it would be nice to hear a little more from the organisation's bigwigs about what it's doing and where it's going.

Speaking on a recent episode of the PlayStation Blogcast, Worldwide Studios chairman Shawn Layden said that that’s exactly what the PlayStation maker plans to do moving forwards. “We’re going to crank that communication up, we're going to find more ways to get our message out and get a view into what our activities are and what our hopes and dreams are, if you will, for PlayStation and for Worldwide Studios,” he said.

This is great news because, while we’re generally fond of the company’s work on social media and on the PlayStation Blog, we do think it could be doing a lot more to keep players engaged and ensure consumers know what it’s up to and why.

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