Alien: Isolation Halloween Sale PS4 PlayStation 4 PS Store

It's October, which means things are getting a little spooky as Halloween draws near. To celebrate the candy-coated holiday, a new Halloween sale has appeared on the European PlayStation Store, featuring a whole horde of horror-themed games. Running from now until 2nd November, there are plenty of titles here to get you in the spirit of things.

Despite sticking mainly to horror, there's a wide range of games included in this offer. True spook-em-ups, such as Alien: Isolation, Layers of Fear, and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard are obviously present and correct, but there are more tame experiences available too, like Dark Souls III, BioShock: The Collection, and the pretty recent Strange Brigade. Heck, there are games here that don't even register on the horror scale; Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, Dead Cells, Hitman, Furi -- it seems there's something here for everyone after all.

Check out the full list over on the PlayStation Blog. Anything jump out at you? Let us know if you're getting anything frightening in the comments below.