Have you ever wondered if you could cut it as a high flying YouTuber? Ever watched some chancer online playing Fortnite and thought you could do better? Well, you're in luck: Youtubers Life: OMG Edition is coming to PS4 on 14th November.

The lifestyle sim is all about making a name for yourself online with high quality videos. As you upload videos to your channel, you'll gain subscribers and fans, and eventually be able to attend special events and move into bigger and better houses as your fortune skyrockets. It even involves a video editing minigame, which will have a bearing on the reception of your viewers. There are three pretty self explanatory career paths in the game -- Gaming Channel, Music Channel, or Cooking Channel. Once you choose your subject, you'll be tasked with climbing the ranks and making it big.

Youtubers Life saw a fair amount of success with its original PC release, as it was, funnily enough, very popular on YouTube. We're not entirely sure what the OMG Edition brings to the table, but we assume that any additional content will be included from the off.

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