Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Red Dead Redemption’s performance on the PlayStation 3 caused meltdowns back in the day, after a fledgling Digital Foundry revealed that it had less grass on Sony’s last-gen machine. The differences between devices have been less stark this generation – even when the PlayStation 4 was comfortably on top – and that remains the case with Rockstar’s anticipated sequel.

The bottom line: Red Dead Redemption 2 is not best on the PS4 Pro – but it’s still pretty darn good. The game uses checkerboard rendering to achieve its 4K image, which resolves blurrier than the Xbox One X’s native resolution. But as is always the case with these kind of comparisons, you’re going to rely on side-by-sides and zoom to really see a difference, even if it is admittedly there.

The good news is that the standard PS4 version is decent as well. It outputs a 1080p image, and while it does suffer from framerate hiccups in dense areas, it generally performs better than its predecessor did on last-gen devices. PS4 Pro is largely locked to 30 frames-per-second, but there are moments of minor judder in populated places.

All in all it sounds like Rockstar’s done a decent job, and perhaps the biggest takeaway is that whatever console you’re playing on, you’re effectively getting the same game. There are no reductions in detail or altered assets – everyone’s receiving the same great experience. By the way, if you haven’t read our review yet, you can do so through here.